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Hello Isabel fans, and Merry Christmas! We hope you’re all having a wonderful time with your loved ones, and that the holiday period will give you rest, cheerfulness and everything else you might hope for. Isabel hasn’t updated her social media accounts yet which means we’re not sure how she is celebrating, but hopefully she’s getting some well deserved rest with her family and friends this festive season. We’ve enjoyed building Unicorn this year, and we can’t wait to update you all on everything Izzy in 2022! In an attempt to spread some holiday cheer, we’ve updated our graphics archive with Christmas-themed avatars of Isabel which you can use on your social media profiles. They’re of course free to use by all fans as you please, no credit needed (but always appreciated). I hope you enjoy them! You can find them all here.

2021 became another unusual year for most of us, filled with insecurity and a lot more isolation than we would have hoped for due to the pandemic and all the restrictions. We’re aware many out there are having a hard time this holiday period, or that the holidays might exacerbate existing struggles. As RTE writes today, “While Christmas may offer a welcome distraction for many people, for others Christmas is a tough and lonely time of year.” If you, or someone you know, are having a tough time this Christmas, we strongly recommend getting in touch with one of the helplines included in this article this, or this. Take care of yourself everyone!

It’s another Tasha Thursday here at Unicorn! We’ve continued from where we paused last week, and added screen captures of Isabel as Tasha in Home & Away episodes 3585 to 3595 (the ones she was in). These episodes saw Tasha learning her real identity, starting school, befriending Kit and Max, and slowly finding out more about her traumatic past. Some of the episodes are merged into groups as the original recordings were done that way, which makes it impossible for us to tell them apart – we hope it’s not a major inconvenience. We’ve also added another video clip to our video archive.

The quality of the screencaps isn’t great, but it’s the best we can get considering the date of the episodes. However, the quality will slowly improve with each batch as we get to the newer seasons! Enjoy the new photos, and make sure to return next week for another Tasha Thursday. And in case we won’t have time to get any more updates in this week – Merry Christmas everyone!

Television Series > Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2003

Hello Isabel fans! Today we’ve added well over 200 new scans of Isabel to our gallery, mostly from 2004 to 2008 (2009 to 2021 will be added as a separate update coming soon). The majority of these have been gathered from the web, and we’ve been unable to track down the original scanners to give proper credit. So if you see any photos belonging to yourself, please get in touch with us so that we can either take them down or credit you properly below the scan! It’s hard to find Izzy’s oldest photoshoots, but many of these scans give us a look of previously unseen – by us at least – photos from her “Home & Away” era that are fun to have. Enjoy!

Gallery > Magazine Scans > Magazines 2004
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Back in 2004, Isabel won her very first award at the annual TV Week Logie Awards in Australia! She was bestowed the “Most Popular New Female Talent” logie for her performance as Tasha Andrews, and attended the event with Chris Hemsworth. We were hardly able to find any photos of Isabel at the event when we started building Unicorn, which we thought was a pity, as it was obviously a very big night for her. However, we’ve been able to get a hold of some very exclusive HQ portraits from the evening that we’re excited to share with you! Following the ceremony, Isabel was photographed by TV Week alongside her “Home & Away” co-star Kip Gamblin, who won the “Most Popular New Male Talent” award for his role as Scott. Find the gorgeous photos in our gallery!

Photoshoots > Photoshoots 2004 > 2004 | Photoshoot #013 – Logie Awards Portraits

When we started building Unicorn, we originally wanted to launch the website 100% complete – in other words, having photos and screen captures from all of Isabel’s projects. However, she was on the soap Home & Away for 3 years, which is over 2000 episodes! We eventually decided to launch the site without her HAA episodes, and rather add them with time. That’s how we came up with… Tasha Thursdays! Every Thursday, we will add screen captures of Isabel as Tasha from the next couple of episodes she was in. We have been able to get a hold of all her episodes (with the exception of 3579 and 3580), and each week we will add new caps. The amount of episodes will depend on our spare time that week, but it will usually be around 5-10 episodes. In addition, we’ll add videos from some of Isabel’s scenes, graphics and episode information to our episode guide the weeks where we have additional free time. I hope you’ll all enjoy this regular feature here at Unicorn, and come join us to celebrate Isabel’s introduction to acting every week!

For our first Tasha Thursday, we’ve added screencaps from Isabel’s first episodes on the show – 3564 to 3581 (minus the two mentioned above). These aren’t the best quality due to their age, but it’s great to see Isabel’s first acting scenes anyway! I’ve added two clips to our video archive as well for those who want to check out her very first talking scenes. She really was adorable as Tasha, and it’s fun to see how much she has grown as an actress since she first started out. Enjoy!

Home & Away (2003-2006) > Screencaptures > Episodes 2003 > Episode #3564 – #3565
Home & Away (2003-2006) > Screencaptures > Episodes 2003 > Episode #3566 – #3570
Home & Away (2003-2006) > Screencaptures > Episodes 2003 > Episode #3571 – #3575
Home & Away (2003-2006) > Screencaptures > Episodes 2003 > Episode #3581

Hello and welcome to the grand opening of Unicorn, your newest fansite dedicated to the talented Isabel Lucas! You may recognize Isabel from one of her many projects, such as Home & Away, Red Dawn, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Daybreakers or Careful What you Wish for, or perhaps you’ve spotted her in a magazine at some point in recent years. In addition to being an actress and model Isabel is well known for her activism, and has participated in highly publicized activist stunts such as the 2007 protests against dolphin killings in Taiji, Japan (alongside Hayden Panetierre) and the 2010 mount Kilimanjaro climb with “Summit on the Summit” (alongside Kenna, Jessica Biel and many others). Regardless of how you were first introduced to Isabel, we hope our site can help you learn more about her and her career – and maybe inspire you to check out more of her work!

We have spent pretty much all our spare time in 2021 building this site, and are extremely excited to open at last. Our network is already pretty large – first, we have an extensive gallery holding more than 50 000 photos of Isabel (including many rare HQs). We also have a career archive with detailed information on Isabel’s many projects – but keep in mind that additional information will be added to the pages as we go. Our video archive contains 90 videos (and will continue to grow), our press archives more than 100 articles and interviews, and our main site consists of more than 50 pages with information (such as a complete awards list, original biography and hair styles), detailed information on her activism, media pages (including a large graphic archive) and so much more. We hope you enjoy browsing! Plenty more will be added, and we will launch a new regular feature tomorrow already.

While we’ve been creating Unicorn over the last year, several great friends of us have contributed by either donating photos, videos, information or other resources we’ve used to put things together. Big thanks to Emily for always supporting and donating a lot of videos and photos, Marica for helping us get some rare gems of Izzy, Neide and Elise for being great supporters and always helping out, Claudia for always helping whenever we’ve experienced technical issues or needed help in any ways, Nicole for designing our gorgeous layouts, Kaci for creating the wonderful script we’re using in our career archives, Monica for making the scripts used for our press and video sections and Sarah for helping me get some rare old photos of Isabel. Due to the long building process I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention someone above, and if so I’m truly sorry, but we both really appreciate all the help we’ve been given along the way. Thank you so much! Further credits can be found on our credits page here. Enjoy the site, and make sure to follow us on twitter! xx Sara & Ann.

Collider did a piece on Terrence Malick’s films this week, ranking all nine of his projects from worst to best. His 2015 film featuring our Isabel – “Knight of Cups” – ranked 6 on their list, and you can read their thoughts on the film below. See the full list here.

Terrence Malick is a fascinating filmmaker, as he’s influenced multiple generations of filmmaking throughout the different stages of his career. Malick was part of the landmark “New Hollywood” filmmakers who emerged in the 1970s, yet took a twenty year absence until he reemerged in the ‘90s. Malick’s work entered a third stage in the last decade, in which he seemingly abandoned all constraints of narrative structure, and pursued experimental work.

Malick’s work is often beloved, and his reclusive public persona is consistent with the mystery that surrounds each of his films. It’s never entirely clear when Malick’s next project is coming, as he often extensively retools his stories in the editing room, leading to many famous situations where storylines or entire performances are diminished, reframed, and even deleted.

Malick is currently working on his latest feature The Way of the Wind, which officially added Mark Rylance, Douglas Booth, Matthias Schoenaerts, Géza Röhrig, Joseph Fiennes, Lorenzo Gioielli, and Aidan Turner to its cast. Little is known about his next film other than it is a retooling of different chapters of the Christian religious text, and will surely generate the controversy that is inherent to adapting Biblical material.

Malick continues to fascinate, infuriate, and inspire film fans, and nearly fifty years after his debut, he remains one of the essential working filmmakers. Here are all nine Terrence Malick films, ranked worst to best.

6. Knight of Cups
Perhaps the most underrated film within Malick’s entire filmography, Knight of Cups shouldn’t have worked on paper. It actually couldn’t have worked on paper, as while Malick had loose story outlines, none of the actors received any actual pages. Malick frequently relied on improvisation, placing actors in unknown scenarios and gauging their authentic reactions. The result is a string of loosely interconnected realizations on the nature of healing.

Knight of Cups is a celebration of excess, and given the subject material, it’s appropriately a hard film to follow. Following the exploits of grieving screenwriter Rick (Christian Bale), the film’s story unfolds in eight mini-chapters as Rick reenters the world and experiences indulgence, pain, temptation, and ultimately love. The final chapter, in which Rick finally begins to see a path forward through the guidance of the enchanting Isabel (Isabel Lucas), is a surprisingly sentimental conclusion to the madcap insanity that preceded it. (View full list)

Isabel posted a new video on her Instagram today, showing herself frolicking around the beach in Byron! The clip is visually gorgeous, and features the beautiful song “Stand by Me” by Tracy Chapman. Accompanying the new clip, Izzy shared a message from White Eagle, Hopi Indigenous Elder, with her video, which you can read below.

‘This moment humanity is going through can be seen as a portal and as a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the portal is up to you. If they repent of the problem and consume the news 24 hours a day, with little energy, nervous all the time, with pessimism, they will fall into the hole.’ ‘Don’t feel guilty about being happy during this difficult time. You don’t help at all by being sad and without energy. It helps if good things emanate from the Universe now. It is through joy that one resists.’ ‘Also, when the storm passes, you will be very important in the reconstruction of this new world. You need to be well and strong. And, for that, there is no other way than to maintain a beautiful, happy and bright vibration.’ Message from White Eagle, Hopi Indigenous Elder (16/3/2020). Song by Tracy Chapman – Stand By Me

Isabel was photographed out in Byron Bay on Sunday (October 24), holding her own little mini-market! Izzy was snapped selling clothes and shoes, and by the looks of it, quite a few people stopped by to have a look. We don’t know why she was getting rid of the outfits yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was to collect money for one of the many charity organisations she supports! We will update you if if we learn anything new.

Candids > Candids From 2021 > October 24, 2021 – Byron Bay

Isabel recently did a new photoshoot for The Lane (Australia), and we’ve been given 18 gorgeous HQ outtakes from her shoot! She looks incredible, and the jewelry she is modelling is beautiful. Her hair and makeup was done by Alexis Mahoney, Karissa Dalton was the creative director and the stunning photos were photographed by the talented Isabel Sasse. To find the names of the different jewelry Isabel is wearing, head over to The Lane.

Photoshoots > Photoshoots 2021 > 2021 | Photoshoot #002 – The Lane