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Hello Izzy nation! Over the last two days, Isabel has been a guest at the 2023 Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Yesterday (May 15), she was in attendance for both the Maggie Marilyn ‘The Best Of It’ Runway Show and the Michael Lo Sordo Runway show. Several high quality photos from the events have been added to our gallery today, and you can find the links and previews below.

However, the most fun surprise came today – Isabel was actually walking the runway herself this afternoon! She walked for the brand AJE, and you can read more about their new collection below. In addition to photos of Izzy on the runway, I’ve merged all the different short clips I could find of Isabel on social media into one video for you. This can be found in our video archives here.

She looks so confident and graceful! Enjoy the new photos and video clips Izzy fans.

AJE PRESENTS // Embodying the evolution and essence of Aje: enter Resort 24 ‘Element’.

Held at the Sydney Modern Project, in the Art Gallery of New South Wales on Gadigal land; Co-founders Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris felt compelled to return to the codes that have defined the house since its inception, distilling their design process down to its pillars—the elements. Raw beauty. Femininity with an edge. A sense of duality anchored in unexpected contrasts. An artisan sentiment. Australian roots.

Recalling the many sultry Australian summers that inspired the house’s coastal-to-urban style, various years’ signatures reemerge refreshed: ivory denim with hand-embroidered patchwork; exaggerated whipstitching across necklines and seams; and floating silhouettes with plissé pleats, wire hems, and gathered ruffle accents—while swimwear is introduced for the very first time.

Arriving from October 2023.

Isabel attended the opening of the Cartier flagship store in Sydney last night, and our gallery has been updated with more than 50 high quality photos from the evening. Izzy wore a simplistic brown and white outfit for the high-end event, perfectly matching her new hair colour. She also caught up with fellow actresses Bella Heathcote and her “Knights of Cups” co-star Teresa Palmer at the party, and it looked like she had a fun night. It’s great to finally have new event photos of Isabel, and I hope you enjoy them as much as us!

Luxury jewellery brand Cartier launched its flagship store in Sydney this week with a lavish event reported to cost an eye-watering $3 million.

Appearances > 2022 Public Appearances > November 16: Cartier Sydney Flagship Grand Opening

The 2022 Gold Coast Film Festival wrapped up today, with a closing ceremony and special screening of Isabel’s new film ‘Bosch & Rockit’. Isabel wore a black mini-dress paired with black ballet slippers, a glitzy evening jacket and a gold chain shoulder bag, and showed hew new bangs for the first time in public! I’ve added the first photos we could find to the gallery, but we expect to have more in a couple of days.

For ‘Home & Away’ fans, fellow past cast members Sharni Vinson and Lincoln Lewis were both in attendance at the premiere. I haven’t found any photos of Sharni with Isabel yet (nor am I certain they actually met up at the event) (edit, by Ann: they did indeed! You can find a really cute photo of all 3 of them in our gallery here – and they even met up with a 4th Home & Away alumni, Todd Lasance!)

Back to regular schedule, we’re bringing you a new Tasha Thursday! We explained on our twitter profile why we took a short break from this feature, but we’re ready to start it back up now. This week I’ve gone through episodes #3699 to #3710, and added caps of the five episodes featuring Tasha – #3702, #3704, #3705, #3706 and #3708. In addition to the new caps, Ann and I have added a bunch of old event photos of Isabel from the years she was on Home & Away. These are either promotional events for the show, or events she attended with other cast members. Almost all our 2004 and 2005 event folders have been updated, and you can view all the new additions here. Based on tags on some of the photos, some seem to come from old fansites which have sadly closed, so credits to Home and Away Web, isabellucasfan.org, i-lucas.org, isabellucasonline.org, isabellucas.net and Home and Away Central!

The episodes screencapped this week saw a lot of action for Tasha! She, Robbie and Kim borrowed Irene’s car without asking to get to Kim’s job interview in the city, but crashed and completely smashed the car. They attempted to flee the scene, but Robbie’s left glasses at the scene of the crash busted them in the end. They then participated in a school lock-in to protest Hyde’s regime at the high school, but being locked in freaked Tasha out. Kim managed to calm her down, exacerbating Robbie’s fears that he’s losing her to him… It’s fun to watch how Isabel got longer and more difficult scenes as time progressed, she really grew as an actress with every episode of the show!

Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3702
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Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3705
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