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Happy Tasha Thursday! Today we’ve added 1600 new screencaps of Isabel as Tasha in Home and Away episodes #3689 to #3699 (she was not in any of the episodes between last week’s #3684 and #3688). Ann is on a holiday at the moment and I have a lot of work offline, which is why we haven’t been able to do anything but screencaps the last couple of weeks. But next week we hope to launch our new episode guide, as well as share more video clips from the show!

The war between the Summer Bay High students and principal Hyde continued in this batch of episodes, and Tasha got cozy with the principal’s son Kim Hyde – breaking Robbie’s heart in the process! They were eventually able to make up, and their relationship seems to be stronger than ever. Tasha also traveled to the city to help Kane win Kirsty back, which got her in a lot of trouble with Flynn…

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