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Honey on tap directly from your beehive. Passionate about beekeeping, bees and native pollinators, innovation and education.

She’s an Australian icon who was scouted underneath a mango tree in Cairns and whisked away to Hollywood to become a star. Following a recent break from the screen, ISABEL LUCAS returns with a brand new project and a greater sense of purpose

The week before my cover interview with Isabel Lucas, I’m chatting to a friend (who happens to be a New York photographer) about the questions I plan to ask. “I once sat behind her in a Yoga class,” he tells me. “And I watched her pick up an insect and carry it outside, which I thought was sweet.” This story doesn’t really surprise me—one of the few things I do know about the Australian actor is that she is a fierce environmentalist and an impassioned advocate for animal rights (which must extend to insects) but I write it down anyway. At some point in the nearly six hours that I spend with her in the days that follow, I remove the question from my list—by now, I know that an act of kindness like this would occur so frequently that it would almost certainly fail to register on her radar.

When we speak, Lucas—whose credits include the TV shows Home & Away and MacGyver, as well as the Transformer films—is on the precipice of releasing her very first film as a producer. Titled Lunacy and shot in the Daintree Rainforest, it’s an allegorical narrative which follows six strangers who are invited to a remote retreat. “It explores the degree of lunacy that we often enact and experience as a result of the separation from the natural world and our true self,” Lucas tells me on the phone from her home in Byron Bay. “For me personally, it’s a real snapshot into the lost connection to spirit and to the unspoken intelligence of nature.”

(Read full interview here)

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Hello Izzy nation! Over the last two days, Isabel has been a guest at the 2023 Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Yesterday (May 15), she was in attendance for both the Maggie Marilyn ‘The Best Of It’ Runway Show and the Michael Lo Sordo Runway show. Several high quality photos from the events have been added to our gallery today, and you can find the links and previews below.

However, the most fun surprise came today – Isabel was actually walking the runway herself this afternoon! She walked for the brand AJE, and you can read more about their new collection below. In addition to photos of Izzy on the runway, I’ve merged all the different short clips I could find of Isabel on social media into one video for you. This can be found in our video archives here.

She looks so confident and graceful! Enjoy the new photos and video clips Izzy fans.

AJE PRESENTS // Embodying the evolution and essence of Aje: enter Resort 24 ‘Element’.

Held at the Sydney Modern Project, in the Art Gallery of New South Wales on Gadigal land; Co-founders Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris felt compelled to return to the codes that have defined the house since its inception, distilling their design process down to its pillars—the elements. Raw beauty. Femininity with an edge. A sense of duality anchored in unexpected contrasts. An artisan sentiment. Australian roots.

Recalling the many sultry Australian summers that inspired the house’s coastal-to-urban style, various years’ signatures reemerge refreshed: ivory denim with hand-embroidered patchwork; exaggerated whipstitching across necklines and seams; and floating silhouettes with plissé pleats, wire hems, and gathered ruffle accents—while swimwear is introduced for the very first time.

Arriving from October 2023.

Hi Isabel fans! Izzy recently did a portrait session with Ryan Conduit & Stephanie Zaicew, and she has finally shared some of the outtakes on her social media. She shared some beautiful poems by Timothee Roi Diers alongside the photos, which you can check out here! Enjoy the photos in our gallery.

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Isabel recently sat down with one of her favorite people, Zach Bush, to discuss human behaviour, flow and miracles, and so much more! The interview is almost an hour long, which is nice when we’ve been without new Izzy content for so long. Our gallery will be updated with screen captures soon, but for now, enjoy the video below!

Applying the rigor of science, strength of humanity, and the intelligence of nature to transform our health and our world @zachbushmd’s experiences as a triple board certified physician, specialising in endocrinology and the gut microbiome, lead him on a journey to study the intelligence of nature and develop his own methodology of intrinsic health.

Using the lens of environmentalism and activism in a multitude of projects that focus on ecology, regenerative agriculture and well-being, and advocating for soil health & food independence, @zachbushmd founded @farmersfootprint in the USA, a grassroots movement that evaluates the impact of monocrop farming and pesticide reliance on chronic disease and planetary health.

Recently launched, @farmersfootprintaustralia looks to tell the stories of our regenerative farmers who are exploring evidence-based solutions to rebuild the living biodiversity of our world.

We appreciate you tuning in, enjoy.

Happy new year Isabel fans! We’re starting off the new year well with some news on Isabel’s upcoming film Sons of Summer. The film is set to hit Australian cinemas this Easter, with a multiplatform release in the US slated for mid 2023. A trailer is likely right around the corner now, so check back soon for more updates!

Fremont, CA, USA – Monday, November 28, 2022 – Blackmagic Design today announced that “Sons of Summer,” the long awaited sequel to the 1977 cult classic “Summer City,” was shot with multiple Blackmagic Design digital film cameras and graded in DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post production software.

The film is the third in the series from legendary Australian producer Phil Avalon, with the original 1977 low budget production introducing Mel Gibson to audiences prior to his breakthrough role in Mad Max two years later. The second edition came in 1988, titled “Breaking Loose: Summer City II.”

Directed by award winning director Clive Fleury, “Sons of Summer” features Australian star Isabel Lucas and New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison. The plot takes place in the same universe as the past films, and tells the story of Sean (Joe Davidson) who is a troubled but charismatic surfer trying to outrun his tragic past.

Sean and his surfer friends decide to take a trip up the coast to honor the anniversary of his father’s death. But his attempt to deal his way out of money troubles catches up with him. He has stolen a load of drugs and now a hitman is on a rampage seeking revenge. With each murder the hitman moves one step closer to Sean and with his girlfriend kidnapped, he needs to hatch a plan to set things right.

When Producer Tim Maddocks was putting the film together he reached out to long term collaborator, DP Anthony Rose, who he knew would create a great look for the film.

“Earlier in the year Anthony and I were on a documentary shoot using a different range of cameras and he mentioned the ease of working with Blackmagic Design cameras by comparison. So when the opportunity arose for him to come on board ‘Sons of Summer’ we talked extensively about the look of the film,” Maddocks said. “I mentioned my love of anamorphic lenses and Anthony came up with the package of Blackmagic cameras to suit our shoot. As a producer, the excellent value for the money was a nice bonus to achieving the filmic look we were after.”

Rose explained that he used a range of different Blackmagic Design products to suit the needs of various scenes, including three URSA Mini Pro 12Ks, an URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 and two Pocket Cinema Camera 6K digital film cameras. “We used three 12K cameras shooting in 8K for most scenes as the A and B camera along with the third always rigged on a Steadicam,” he said.

“On top of that, we used the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 for high speed shots and two Pocket 6K cameras for hard to get shots on a gimbal inside cars, and for low profile car mount rigs for the chase sequence.”

Rose, who has directed more than 250 videos and countless TV commercials both in Australia and internationally in a career spanning more than 20 years, said he loves working with Blackmagic Design cameras due to their “filmic look and feel.” He added, “With a tight budget I was able to have multiple cameras pre built and ready to go, which saved time and money. We used the SSD recorders on the 12Ks with 960GB cards so we could basically shoot all day which was a big help. And with minimal lighting in some tricky high contrast and low light conditions I could trust the sensors to deliver.”

Using DaVinci Resolve Studio for grading, the film was produced almost entirely within a Blackmagic Design ecosystem. “Grading footage shot with Blackmagic Design cameras in DaVinci Resolve made it easy to get the look we wanted. We used a 1000 nit monitor for grading and the Blackmagic Design footage really came alive. Our colorist was fresh from grading Elvis and was very impressed with the BRAW files,” Rose said.

Rose said working with Fleury and Producer Phil Avalon was a pleasure. “Clive and Phil immediately had confidence in my approach to shooting the film. With a tight schedule we needed to move fast and be flexible. We decided to shoot anamorphic which was a big step but wanted the film to have a cinematic edge and play with widescreen framing,” he concluded.

Isabel attended the opening of the Cartier flagship store in Sydney last night, and our gallery has been updated with more than 50 high quality photos from the evening. Izzy wore a simplistic brown and white outfit for the high-end event, perfectly matching her new hair colour. She also caught up with fellow actresses Bella Heathcote and her “Knights of Cups” co-star Teresa Palmer at the party, and it looked like she had a fun night. It’s great to finally have new event photos of Isabel, and I hope you enjoy them as much as us!

Luxury jewellery brand Cartier launched its flagship store in Sydney this week with a lavish event reported to cost an eye-watering $3 million.

Appearances > 2022 Public Appearances > November 16: Cartier Sydney Flagship Grand Opening

FilmINK | With Sons Of Summer, legendary Australian producer Phil Avalon is set to deliver a thirty-years-later legacy sequel to his 1977 beachside cult classic Summer City.
Phil Avalon is one of Australia’s true stand-alone producers, a man who has bravely toiled away outside of this country’s mainstream, government funded film industry and notched up a lengthy array of big screen credits. Avalon burst onto the scene in 1977 with the low budget cult classic Summer City, which he wrote and starred in. Though best known as the film that introduced local icons Mel Gibson, Steve Bisley and John Jarratt to Australian audiences, Summer City is also an essential example of independently produced Aussie cinema.

And while Avalon has produced a host of polished genre flicks (Fatal Bond, Liquid Bridge, William Kelly’s War, The Pact), Summer City remains his key release. The producer returned to the film in 1988 with the sequel Breaking Loose: Summer City II, and is now set to go back to the beach once again with Sons Of Summer. “I was originally approached by a US-based financier to remake Summer City,” Avalon explains. “He loved the film growing up, and wanted to see it remade in today’s world. But instead of recreating the ’60s period in a remake, I thought, ‘Why not introduce a brand new storyline, characters and sub plot that will appeal to today’s audiences that aren’t familiar with the original?’”

The currently in-production result is Sons Of Summer, which follows on from Summer City’s events 30 years earlier, but stands alone via a story and characters that will appeal to an entirely new generation of filmgoers. Directed by Clive Fleury, the film stars Temuera Morrison (Star Wars, Aquaman, The Island Of Dr. Moreau, Once Were Warriors) and Isabel Lucas (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Daybreakers, Red Dawn), with local talent Joe Davidson and Alex Fleri playing pivotal roles. Currently shooting on The Gold Coast (“The Gold Coast has rarely been seen like this before on film. It crosses from the glamourous mansions to the dark, rustic backwaters and incredible beaches in between”), Sons Of Summer is set for an Australian cinema release around Christmas.

Hello Isabel fans! We have quite a few career updates for you today. A new article by IF states that Isabel is a part of an upcoming film titled Little Europe, directed by Franco Di Chiera. You can read about the project below!

In addition, we finally have a title for the Untitled Daniel Askill project Isabel filmed a while back – Lunacy. The plot reads “Six strangers receive an alluring invitation to a rainforest retreat from an enigmatic host, but find themselves trapped by a mysterious force in a surreal psychological test.” There’s currently no release information, but the project now has a post-production status – so hopefully we’ll learn something new soon.

And as if that wasn’t enough – Isabel also has a new project listed on her IMDB, titled Sons of Summer! According to the movie website, they’re currently filming. No plot or other information has been released yet, but it co-stars Temuera Morrison, Christopher Pate, Joe Davidson, Phillip Avalon, Alex Fleri, Jonathan Weir, Victoria Fleri and Alex McTavish. Clive Fleury is the director, with Phillip Avalon and Greg Clayton writing the script.

We’ll of course update you with anything new related to any of the three projects – we love seeing Isabel booked and busy!

Australian-born ex- James Bond actor George Lazenby has signed on to a new Cold War spy drama from Franco Di Chiera that is set to be pitched at the Marche du Film in Cannes this week.

Based on true events that occurred at the Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre in rural Victoria, Little Europe picks up in 1952 when a spy from ASIO is killed by a Russian assassin, who steals plans for Operation Hurricane, Britain’s first atomic bomb test due to take place in Australia.

ASIO’s director-general (Lazenby) recruits Italian-Australian cop, Joe Rossi (Vince Colosimo) to pose as a new arrival at the Bonegilla Migrant Camp with a mission to identify key communist agitators. As Joe struggles to assimilate and is ostracised by his fellow Italians who are suspicious of him, he enters the murky waters of espionage and grows uncertain of who the enemy really is, placing his assignment and himself in danger. The cast also includes Isabel Lucas as Cynthia, a Soviet spy camp administrator that manipulates the migrants to carry out communist activities.

The script was written by Di Chiera and Jason Agius, whose grandfather’s experience at Bonegilla inspired parts of the plot. Sabella Sugar, of Ultrafilms, is producing the project.

Little Europe is one of fifteen worldwide submissions selected by artificial intelligence platform Largo.ai to pitch at the Cannes Marche du Film.

Di Chiera told IF he approached Lazenby after being reminded of his presence in front of the camera on separate occasions.

“Our memories of him were jolted with the release of the latest James Bond film because they brought out all the former James Bonds to attend the premieres in the UK and US,” he said.

“We thought it was fortuitous he was still working and coincidentally I was walking around our area in South Yarra and there was a big billboard for the Melbourne Gin Company, where he was the subject.

“I thought, ‘oh god I better reach out to him’ because I just seemed to be confronted with him everywhere and thought it must be a sign.

“The wonderful thing is it’s a bit of a play on the idea that from 007 he got promoted to ASIO.”

Di Chiera is hoping to finish principal photography on the project before Christmas, depending on financing.

Of the five-week shoot that is being planned, he said four would be set around the camp, which offered a “pressure cooker” environment.

“I’m interested in (US director) Sidney Lumet’s films as a reference because he often had characters that were stuck in really oppressive and claustrophobic environments, where people’s values get blurred and there are questions over who really is the enemy in this world,” he said.

Di Chiera and Sabella are presently in discussions with distributors about the film.

The 2022 Gold Coast Film Festival wrapped up today, with a closing ceremony and special screening of Isabel’s new film ‘Bosch & Rockit’. Isabel wore a black mini-dress paired with black ballet slippers, a glitzy evening jacket and a gold chain shoulder bag, and showed hew new bangs for the first time in public! I’ve added the first photos we could find to the gallery, but we expect to have more in a couple of days.

For ‘Home & Away’ fans, fellow past cast members Sharni Vinson and Lincoln Lewis were both in attendance at the premiere. I haven’t found any photos of Sharni with Isabel yet (nor am I certain they actually met up at the event) (edit, by Ann: they did indeed! You can find a really cute photo of all 3 of them in our gallery here – and they even met up with a 4th Home & Away alumni, Todd Lasance!)

Hello Izzy fans! This week’s Tasha Thursday is unfortunately a mixed one, as we’ve got some bad news. The reason it’s coming to you late (as well as it only being three episodes this week) is because the drive Sara has kept the 2004 episodes of the show on broke earlier this week. She has tried everything, but no luck. It has now been sent for repair, and we’re crossing our fingers they can retrieve the data, but for now we don’t have access to any episodes between #3714 and #3866. That means, that unless it gets repaired quickly, we’ll have no choice but to continue from #3866 on next week’s Tasha Thursday.

Still, we’ll have plenty more episodes to bring you! We will also add more event photos from Isabel’s years on the show, with the remaining 2005 events + all 2006 events hopefully being up by next week’s TT. Stay tuned!

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