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Since news are slow at the moment, I thought I could share an article Screen Rant just published on how the inclusion of Isabel’s character Alice in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” added legitimacy to, according to them, the weirdest Transformers toyline – the Pretenders.

With the inclusion of Alice (Isabel Lucas) in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Michael Bay’s movies redeemed the franchise’s weirdest toyline: the Pretenders. While the movie was not particularly well received and won the Razzie for Worst Picture, Alice’s inclusion was a great moment for fans of the series and viewers alike. The result was that it brought a level of modernity to that line of the robots in disguise.

Introduced in 1988 as part of the “G1” line in Marvel Comics UK, and adapted into the IDW and Super-God Masterforce continuities in subsequent years, the Pretenders focused on Transformers that could cover themselves in synthetic organic shells to hide the robot. Thus, they commonly took the form of human beings and would live like regular citizens until they had to attack. The shells on the tie-in action figures were removed from the front and back to reveal the robot within. Unfortunately, this line of Transformers was also met with confusion by many fans who didn’t understand the purpose they fulfilled, and so wouldn’t hide the real robotic characters within properly. Additionally, the subsequent waves of the Pretenders came with several quality issues, and were quickly written off. Ultimately, it was one of the Transformers’ weirdest and least successful subtoylines, but Michael Bay’s Transformers movie somewhat redeems it.

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Alice plays a Pretender Decepticon who infiltrates the college attended by Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). Like her comic/action figure counterpart, her robot self is also disguised by a synthetic organic tissue. However, the movie elevates the concept of the Pretenders and redeems their tarnished reputation among fans by giving the Pretenders a defined story purpose, and a reason for being. It also makes the transformation of the Pretenders conceptually a lot cooler by getting rid of the clunky execution of a removable shell. In Michael Bay’s sequel, Alice’s disguise is unnoticed by the entire college, until she reveals the robotic endoskeleton within, but she’s also able to easily transform back into a human to remain disguised.

Another issue that the movie fixed was that the construction of the Pretenders action figures often limited the mobility of the Transformers within. When removed, there wasn’t much the actual robot encased could do on its own, making the disguise seem more pointless. It also led to scale discrepancies, especially when characters like Bumblebee and Grimlock were added to later Pretender lines as they were far larger than human beings, thereby undermining the entire point of the Pretenders being able to pass as human. The shells themselves also varied in nature. With the Transformers Beast Wars Pretenders, the shells being in the form of animals on Earth addressed the unrealistic size problems, but the figures themselves provided no articulation or even weapons. In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, however, Alice is properly scaled, practical, and had self-contained weapons, giving her a full range of capabilities. The animal-like qualities in some of her movements was also a nice nod to the Beast Wars line.

While there is still overall some skepticism over the Pretenders and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as a movie, advances in figure technology and renewed interest in the line may still lead to a resurgence in their shelf lives. Many attempts since to bring back the Pretenders have been made, including the “Power of the Primes” line some years ago. Michael Bay’s Transformers movies are often criticized for making decisions many audiences didn’t enjoy. Still, it’s undeniable that they led to a resurgence of popularity for the franchise that continues to grow. Hopefully, that continues with the spinoff movies on the horizon, such as the upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Isabel’s creative management company MissusM Creative shared some exciting news regarding Bosch & Rockit today! The film has been chosen for America’s prestigious Mammoth Film Festival, and will be screened during the event on February 4th. They also shared a stunning promotional photo of Isabel, which you can find in our gallery.

Some MAMMOTH news to share with you today: the gorgeous new Australian film Bosch and Rockit, starring MissusM’s Isabel Lucas, is set to be screened at America’s prestigious Mammoth Film Festival on February 4th! 🎞 This magical coming-of-age story, which also stars Friends of MissusM @hemsworthluke & @rasmusking, was shot in and around beautiful Byron Bay in 2020 and is the brainchild of brilliant Aussie writer-director Tyler Atkins. We’re incredibly proud of everyone involved in this beautiful film and can’t wait for American audiences to fall in love with it too!

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Happy Tasha Thursday! We’ve reached the 2004 season of the show, and I’ve updated our gallery with Isabel’s first 4 episodes. In these episodes, Tasha finally learned the identity of her birth mother – quickly understanding by everyone’s reactions to the revelation that her mother was not a good person. Already worried she’s a bad person herself, this new piece of information makes her question herself and her life in Summer Bay. She’s also upset that Irene and Flynn lied to her, and decides to move back into the bush by herself to get away from everyone. Episode #3656 then turns things around for her, with Robbie coming into her life.

Since #3656 is Tasha and Robbie’s first episode together, we’ve created a compilation of all their scenes from the episode and added it to our video archive here for those who want to check it out. I really adore their scenes together, and this was a beautiful start to one of our all time favorite TV-relationships! In addition to the scenes from #3656, we’ve added clips from the first 3 intros of the 2004 seasons – airing between January and March 2004. These months saw quite a shift in the main cast of the show, hence the many editions. You can find the 1st here (Tasha, Jade, Kirsty and Kit), 2nd here (Tasha, Jade and Kirsty) and 3rd here (Tasha, Robbie and Kim).

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Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3656

I just came across a new-old video of Isabel when browsing YouTube today and thought I should share it with you! The video was filmed at a festival in July August 2016, but was just uploaded to the site a couple of weeks ago. Isabel looks beautiful!

Update by Ann: Seeing the video Sara posted, I realized I saved some photos of Izzy at that festival last year which I never added to the gallery! They’ve been added now, and you can find the link below the video.

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Happy Tasha Thursday! We’ve reached the end of the 2003 season of Home & Away now, and our gallery has been updated with more than 1000 additional screen captures from the season’s final episodes – episodes #3634 to #3650 (the ones featuring Tasha). We’ll start the 2004 episodes next week, and we will also start adding a lot more videos to our video archive once Tasha gets more storylines! But as Sara mentioned last week, please just send us a message if you want clips from a particular 2003 episode added.

These episodes were quite eventful for Tasha! She got kicked out of the high school for trashing it after feeling unfairly treated by one of the teachers, and the episodes also saw her grow closer with Kane once he moved in with Irene. Their friendship takes a dark turn when Tasha learns about Kane’s past with Dani, and she tries to smother him in his sleep to protect herself. In the 2003 season finale (#3650), Irene and Flynn also discovered that Tasha’s real mother is Angela Russell, setting up an exciting storyline for Tasha going into 2004.

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Hello Isabel fans! Our gallery has been updated with a couple of old candids set of Isabel, as well as an additional (unfortunately LQ) photo of Isabel and Tammin Sursok at the latter’s 21st Birthday Party. We also have some cute new pics of Izzy and Chris Hemsworth at a Home and Away Christmas party in 2005! Enjoy, and make sure to come back for another Tasha Thursday tomorrow.

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Candids > Unknown Date (Ca. 2007)
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It’s Tasha Thursday again! Screencaps of Isabel from the episodes ranging between #3614 and #3631 have now been added (9 featured Tasha in total). Most of this batch is unfortunately extremely low quality, but it’s the best we can find from this era of the show. With the episodes airing over 15 years ago, I think we’re lucky just to have them at all! These episodes saw Tasha getting a crush on Josh, believing that he felt the same way about her. More information about the episodes will be up in our episode guide, which should be ready next week. We will try to recap most of Tasha’s scenes from the episodes we add caps from each week, so stay tuned for that.

We’ve also updated our video archives with the 2003 intro credits and all of Tasha’s scenes from episode #3631. If you want us to add clips from a specific episode, just get in touch with us! We can’t add all due to server space, but we’ll try to add some each week.

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Isabel’s upcoming film Bosch & Rockit have been mentioned as one of the 10 biggest Australian movies coming out in 2022! You can view the full list here. We don’t have an official release date yet (there has been mentions of March 1st), but we will keep you updated.

It’s been a weird kinda year for Australian cinema—despite cinemas being crippled by COVID, we had a huge boost in production from companies all over the world, and even some homegrown hits.

You’ve barely had a chance to catch up on all the great local content of this year and it’s already time to look forward to 2022. Scroll to start getting hyped up for another year of idiosyncratic, curious Aussie filmmaking: from some star-studded titles arriving soon, to conceptually-fascinating projects that we don’t even have a date for yet!

Bosch & Rockit
A sun-drenched selection from the Sydney Film Festival, Bosch & Rockit stars Luke Hemsworth as a drug dealer on the run. His surf-obsessed son (Rasmus King) doesn’t know that, though: he’s convinced they’re just on the father-son trip of a lifetime, until reality cruelly catches up. It’s based on debut writer-director Tyler Atkins’ hometown, the gorgeous NSW north coast that’ll look splendid on the big screen.

Welcome to another Tasha Thursday! Sara and I have gone through Home & Away episodes 3596 to 3613 this week, and made screencaps of the episodes featuring Isabel. People who watched the show all the way back in 2003 might remember that this era greatly revolved around the Sutherland family, with Dani facing trial for hitting Kane with her car. Tasha is therefore not featured much in these episodes, but there are some cute moments of her bonding with Kit among the Sutherland-drama! The final episode also hints that we might be seeing more of Tasha in the coming episodes, as Josh shows an interest in her that doesn’t seem all too good-hearted…

You can find the new episodes in our gallery, and I’ll try to add some videos from the episodes this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful end to 2021 tomorrow! See you all in 2022 for (hopefully lots) more Isabel Lucas.

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I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas so far Isabel fans! Here’s a little gift from us here at Unicorn to you all, which we hope will make your Christmas even better. We’ve updated our 2011 Tatler photoshoot with better quality versions + added more than 50 additional outtakes! I love this photoshoot, and especially all the adorable jumping shots of Izzy at the second page. Enjoy!

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