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Hello Izzy fans! Isabel was photographed grabbing breakfast with some friends out in Byron Bay last Sunday, and I have now added photos to our gallery. Unfortunately these are only MQ, but I’ll try to replace them with HQs later! It looks like Isabel has cut new bangs, and she looks beautiful make-up free and with her usual bohemian style.

Candids > Candids From 2022 > February 6th, 2022 – Byron Bay

Hello Isabel fans! Our gallery has been updated with a couple of old candids set of Isabel, as well as an additional (unfortunately LQ) photo of Isabel and Tammin Sursok at the latter’s 21st Birthday Party. We also have some cute new pics of Izzy and Chris Hemsworth at a Home and Away Christmas party in 2005! Enjoy, and make sure to come back for another Tasha Thursday tomorrow.

Miscellaneous > Tammin Sursok’s 21st Birthday Party
Candids > Unknown Date (Ca. 2007)
Candids > Unknown Date (Ca. 2007)
Candids > Candids From 2009 > April 29th, 2009
Appearances > 2005 Public Appearances > Home & Away Christmas Party

Isabel was photographed out in Byron Bay on Sunday (October 24), holding her own little mini-market! Izzy was snapped selling clothes and shoes, and by the looks of it, quite a few people stopped by to have a look. We don’t know why she was getting rid of the outfits yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was to collect money for one of the many charity organisations she supports! We will update you if if we learn anything new.

Candids > Candids From 2021 > October 24, 2021 – Byron Bay