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She’s an Australian icon who was scouted underneath a mango tree in Cairns and whisked away to Hollywood to become a star. Following a recent break from the screen, ISABEL LUCAS returns with a brand new project and a greater sense of purpose

The week before my cover interview with Isabel Lucas, I’m chatting to a friend (who happens to be a New York photographer) about the questions I plan to ask. “I once sat behind her in a Yoga class,” he tells me. “And I watched her pick up an insect and carry it outside, which I thought was sweet.” This story doesn’t really surprise me—one of the few things I do know about the Australian actor is that she is a fierce environmentalist and an impassioned advocate for animal rights (which must extend to insects) but I write it down anyway. At some point in the nearly six hours that I spend with her in the days that follow, I remove the question from my list—by now, I know that an act of kindness like this would occur so frequently that it would almost certainly fail to register on her radar.

When we speak, Lucas—whose credits include the TV shows Home & Away and MacGyver, as well as the Transformer films—is on the precipice of releasing her very first film as a producer. Titled Lunacy and shot in the Daintree Rainforest, it’s an allegorical narrative which follows six strangers who are invited to a remote retreat. “It explores the degree of lunacy that we often enact and experience as a result of the separation from the natural world and our true self,” Lucas tells me on the phone from her home in Byron Bay. “For me personally, it’s a real snapshot into the lost connection to spirit and to the unspoken intelligence of nature.”

(Read full interview here)

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Hello Izzy nation! Over the last two days, Isabel has been a guest at the 2023 Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Yesterday (May 15), she was in attendance for both the Maggie Marilyn ‘The Best Of It’ Runway Show and the Michael Lo Sordo Runway show. Several high quality photos from the events have been added to our gallery today, and you can find the links and previews below.

However, the most fun surprise came today – Isabel was actually walking the runway herself this afternoon! She walked for the brand AJE, and you can read more about their new collection below. In addition to photos of Izzy on the runway, I’ve merged all the different short clips I could find of Isabel on social media into one video for you. This can be found in our video archives here.

She looks so confident and graceful! Enjoy the new photos and video clips Izzy fans.

AJE PRESENTS // Embodying the evolution and essence of Aje: enter Resort 24 ‘Element’.

Held at the Sydney Modern Project, in the Art Gallery of New South Wales on Gadigal land; Co-founders Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris felt compelled to return to the codes that have defined the house since its inception, distilling their design process down to its pillars—the elements. Raw beauty. Femininity with an edge. A sense of duality anchored in unexpected contrasts. An artisan sentiment. Australian roots.

Recalling the many sultry Australian summers that inspired the house’s coastal-to-urban style, various years’ signatures reemerge refreshed: ivory denim with hand-embroidered patchwork; exaggerated whipstitching across necklines and seams; and floating silhouettes with plissé pleats, wire hems, and gathered ruffle accents—while swimwear is introduced for the very first time.

Arriving from October 2023.

Hi Isabel fans! Izzy recently did a portrait session with Ryan Conduit & Stephanie Zaicew, and she has finally shared some of the outtakes on her social media. She shared some beautiful poems by Timothee Roi Diers alongside the photos, which you can check out here! Enjoy the photos in our gallery.

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Isabel attended the opening of the Cartier flagship store in Sydney last night, and our gallery has been updated with more than 50 high quality photos from the evening. Izzy wore a simplistic brown and white outfit for the high-end event, perfectly matching her new hair colour. She also caught up with fellow actresses Bella Heathcote and her “Knights of Cups” co-star Teresa Palmer at the party, and it looked like she had a fun night. It’s great to finally have new event photos of Isabel, and I hope you enjoy them as much as us!

Luxury jewellery brand Cartier launched its flagship store in Sydney this week with a lavish event reported to cost an eye-watering $3 million.

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The 2022 Gold Coast Film Festival wrapped up today, with a closing ceremony and special screening of Isabel’s new film ‘Bosch & Rockit’. Isabel wore a black mini-dress paired with black ballet slippers, a glitzy evening jacket and a gold chain shoulder bag, and showed hew new bangs for the first time in public! I’ve added the first photos we could find to the gallery, but we expect to have more in a couple of days.

For ‘Home & Away’ fans, fellow past cast members Sharni Vinson and Lincoln Lewis were both in attendance at the premiere. I haven’t found any photos of Sharni with Isabel yet (nor am I certain they actually met up at the event) (edit, by Ann: they did indeed! You can find a really cute photo of all 3 of them in our gallery here – and they even met up with a 4th Home & Away alumni, Todd Lasance!)

Hello Izzy fans! This week’s Tasha Thursday is unfortunately a mixed one, as we’ve got some bad news. The reason it’s coming to you late (as well as it only being three episodes this week) is because the drive Sara has kept the 2004 episodes of the show on broke earlier this week. She has tried everything, but no luck. It has now been sent for repair, and we’re crossing our fingers they can retrieve the data, but for now we don’t have access to any episodes between #3714 and #3866. That means, that unless it gets repaired quickly, we’ll have no choice but to continue from #3866 on next week’s Tasha Thursday.

Still, we’ll have plenty more episodes to bring you! We will also add more event photos from Isabel’s years on the show, with the remaining 2005 events + all 2006 events hopefully being up by next week’s TT. Stay tuned!

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Back to regular schedule, we’re bringing you a new Tasha Thursday! We explained on our twitter profile why we took a short break from this feature, but we’re ready to start it back up now. This week I’ve gone through episodes #3699 to #3710, and added caps of the five episodes featuring Tasha – #3702, #3704, #3705, #3706 and #3708. In addition to the new caps, Ann and I have added a bunch of old event photos of Isabel from the years she was on Home & Away. These are either promotional events for the show, or events she attended with other cast members. Almost all our 2004 and 2005 event folders have been updated, and you can view all the new additions here. Based on tags on some of the photos, some seem to come from old fansites which have sadly closed, so credits to Home and Away Web, isabellucasfan.org, i-lucas.org, isabellucasonline.org, isabellucas.net and Home and Away Central!

The episodes screencapped this week saw a lot of action for Tasha! She, Robbie and Kim borrowed Irene’s car without asking to get to Kim’s job interview in the city, but crashed and completely smashed the car. They attempted to flee the scene, but Robbie’s left glasses at the scene of the crash busted them in the end. They then participated in a school lock-in to protest Hyde’s regime at the high school, but being locked in freaked Tasha out. Kim managed to calm her down, exacerbating Robbie’s fears that he’s losing her to him… It’s fun to watch how Isabel got longer and more difficult scenes as time progressed, she really grew as an actress with every episode of the show!

Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3702
Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3704
Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3705
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Happy Tasha Thursday! Today we’ve added 1600 new screencaps of Isabel as Tasha in Home and Away episodes #3689 to #3699 (she was not in any of the episodes between last week’s #3684 and #3688). Ann is on a holiday at the moment and I have a lot of work offline, which is why we haven’t been able to do anything but screencaps the last couple of weeks. But next week we hope to launch our new episode guide, as well as share more video clips from the show!

The war between the Summer Bay High students and principal Hyde continued in this batch of episodes, and Tasha got cozy with the principal’s son Kim Hyde – breaking Robbie’s heart in the process! They were eventually able to make up, and their relationship seems to be stronger than ever. Tasha also traveled to the city to help Kane win Kirsty back, which got her in a lot of trouble with Flynn…

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Isabel has had a short film titled “Bite The Hand” listed on her IMDB profile for a while now, so today I tried to do some research on the project to find out more about it. It looks like they completed the filming during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the project went into post-production last fall. At the project’s Australian Cultural Fundraiser page, director Minka Bleakley wrote that they would pursue festival submissions following the post-production of the film. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they managed to raise the funds they had targeted, so I’m not sure if this will have impacted their festival pursual or not…

I will keep searching for information on the project, and let you know if I come across anything new! For now, I’ve been able to find two production stills featuring Isabel from the film which you can find in our gallery. Isabel portrays the character Pixie, and the rest of the cast list includes Paul Henri as Chris, Matt Levett as Dusty and Gabrielle Miller as Nadine.

‘Bite the Hand’ is a short film that follows a young mother struggling to come to terms with her shifting identity. Shot in Northern NSW, the film explores the disconnect between a mother and child isolated from the world.

Words by director, Minka Bleakley: In making this film, I have had the opportunity to explore my anxieties about motherhood through Nadine. I have gotten to feel through certain fears surrounding the bond that a mother has with her child, and what one does when that bond seems fragile, even breakable. There is a significant deficit of stories that address this idea of conflicting identities in motherhood, and of stories that approach the deeply realistic frustrations of motherhood and failure. I hope to fill that deficit with ‘Bite The Hand.’

This project is for all people, and I hope that many will have the opportunity to see it. We intend to complete post-production towards the end of August or the beginning of September, after which we will pursue festival submissions.

This project is deeply important to me for a myriad of reasons, though perhaps first among them is for the necessary social commentary. Far too many women feel alone in their experiences of motherhood, they feel unsupported by a social system not built to address a culture that has transformed the way people parent. This film aims to show a woman struggling with motherhood, and it does not shame, judge, or criticize her for it. Media far too often portrays unachievable ideals of mothers and shies away from a darker dialogue that examines the very real struggles of mothering. This, in turn, isolates women and new mothers, who can feel daunted by the expectations society has thrust upon them. I hope that this story will share a new perspective, one that is necessary for the reshaping of what mothering looks like. I hope that others will share my passion to readdress how women, particularly mothers, are represented in media, and that their contribution might be put towards this goal.

Donations will be used towards all post-production expenses, including editing, sound design, colour work, promotional materials, and festivals. We hope that this film will find a home in the international festival market, and will go on to be seen by many people around the world.

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Happy Tasha Thursday, Isabel fans! This week we’ve gone through the next episodes of the 2004 Home & Away season, and added screen captures of all featuring Tasha. These episodes saw the Summer Bay high schoolers fight against the new principal’s extreme leadership, and Tasha grew closer to the new arrival Kim Hyde (played by Chris Hemsworth) to Robbie’s dismay. Isabel was only in 6 episodes between last week’s episode #3678 and #3688, but that’s still more than 1000 new caps in total – enjoy!

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