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Happy Tasha Thursday! We’ve reached the 2004 season of the show, and I’ve updated our gallery with Isabel’s first 4 episodes. In these episodes, Tasha finally learned the identity of her birth mother – quickly understanding by everyone’s reactions to the revelation that her mother was not a good person. Already worried she’s a bad person herself, this new piece of information makes her question herself and her life in Summer Bay. She’s also upset that Irene and Flynn lied to her, and decides to move back into the bush by herself to get away from everyone. Episode #3656 then turns things around for her, with Robbie coming into her life.

Since #3656 is Tasha and Robbie’s first episode together, we’ve created a compilation of all their scenes from the episode and added it to our video archive here for those who want to check it out. I really adore their scenes together, and this was a beautiful start to one of our all time favorite TV-relationships! In addition to the scenes from #3656, we’ve added clips from the first 3 intros of the 2004 seasons – airing between January and March 2004. These months saw quite a shift in the main cast of the show, hence the many editions. You can find the 1st here (Tasha, Jade, Kirsty and Kit), 2nd here (Tasha, Jade and Kirsty) and 3rd here (Tasha, Robbie and Kim).

Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3651
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Home & Away (2003-2006) > Episode Screencaptures > Episodes 2004 > #3656
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