Welcome to Unicorn, your one and only resource for the talented Aussie actress Isabel Lucas, known from "Home & Away", "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", "MacGywer" and "Careful What You Wish For". Here you can find detailed information, exclusive high quality photos, all the latest news, as well as other multimedia such as videos, audio files and graphics. I hope you will enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Make sure to bookmark us, and check back!
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About Unicorn

Unicorn is an unofficial fansite dedicated to the incredibly talented actress and activist Isabel Lucas. We have a large gallery with original and high quality screen captures, scans, event pictures, photoshoots and more. We also offer media downloads, detailed information and the latest news on Isabel and her amazing career, with hopefully many more features to come! We strive to bring you an informative, frequently updated and fun fansite resource without being intrusive of Isabel’s personal life.

The Beginning

I, Ann, had been a fan of Isabel for several years, and always found it sad that she didn’t have any active fansites. Early 2021, when I was cooped up inside due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to finally create one for her. I got my friend Sara to help me set up the site (she’s a lot more tech-savvy than I am), and she offered to help me collect photos and screencap a couple of her films. As you can imagine, she fell in love with Isabel as much as I was! She decided to join me in April 2021, and we quickly began collecting photos, videos and other Izzy-related media. We hoped to launch May 2021, but we quickly learned that Isabel both has a long career and an extensive list of activist work on the side – and we wanted to do both parts justice, which we needed several months to ensure. The more we learned about her activist work, especially everything she has done for “Save the Whales Again” and her Mount Kilimanjaro climb, the more we looked up to her – and the site became really special to us both, and we agreed to keep working on the site for a few more months to make sure we could provide a resource on Isabel that would provide both career and charity work information.

The Name

We both agreed we wanted an original name for the site, preferably one that matched Isabel’s unique personality. When we came across this photo of Isabel while collecting for the gallery, we remembered how several of Izzy’s friends/co-stars call her a unicorn on her instagram page – and instantly decided it was the perfect description for her.

The Girls

Our names are Sara and Ann, and we’re both in our late 20s as of the site launch. We’ve been making websites for over a decade, with Rose McIver Online being our original fansite. We both have a passion for web design and content writing, and find that a fansite is a perfect way to use our creativity in a fun way that also allows us to meet other people with our same hobby, while supporting people we admire and look up to. Get to know us a little more by learning some Izzy-related facts about us below!

Favorite Isabel film: Daybreakers or That’s Not Me
Least favorite Isabel film: Knight of Cups
Favorite television show: MacGyver
Favorite Isabel character: Tasha Andrews. Also found Zoe Cooper hilarious (but maybe not in the best way!)
Favorite Isabel photoshoot: Either the Outland Denim one or Gritty Pretty, but she has so many gorgeous ones!
Favorite Isabel look: This, this or this. Also love all her TV Week Logie looks + her 2016 MSFW outfits!
I first saw Isabel in… The Pacific, but didn’t know her name at the time. So Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” video!

Favorite Isabel film: Careful What You Wish For
Least favorite Isabel film: A Heartbeat Away – sorry!
Favorite television show: Home & Away
Favorite Isabel character: Erica Martin or Tasha Andrews
Favorite Isabel photoshoot: Harper’s Bazaar, Sunday Style, Vogue, Tatler
Favorite Isabel look: TV Week Logie Awards 2005 and Met Gala
I first saw Isabel in… Home & Away

The F.A.Qs

Does Isabel know about the site?
As far as we are aware, no she does not. She does follow our instagram however, and has liked and commented on our posts, so there is a chance she has seen it through that.

Are you in touch with Isabel?
No, we are not. We have no way of contacting Isabel or anyone related to her (we want to avoid bothering her on Instagram), and no messages sent to us will ever be read by Isabel herself. We are just two fans, with no official connection to Isabel or her management.

Can I use your photos or graphics?
Yes, of course! The only graphics you are not allowed to re-use elsewhere is the layouts on our main site and gallery, as that was created especially for Unicorn. All graphics in our graphics archive are free for all fans of Isabel to use as they please, but we do appreciate it if you credit us when using them on social media. Please do not re-post our photos on other fansites or VK pages without permission though, as we have spent a lot of time and resources collecting what we have. If the photo is tagged with our site name, please do not remove it when re-posting on social media or tumblr.

The Previous layouts

Our first layout!
Date: October 2021 –
Designed by: Nicole
Featuring: Kacie Tomita shoot from 2018 and 2019 Outland Denim Campaign