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Find out everything there is to know about Isabel! From her life and hobbies, to her career projects, activism, fashion and beauty. All the trivia on this page was collected by the Unicorn staff from several different websites, interviews and Isabel’s social media, and will be regularly updated with new fun facts.

Life & Childhood

  • Isabel is of Swiss origin on her mother’s side, and she speaks both Swiss and German.
  • Isabel’s family migrated from Melbourne to Switzerland for a year when she was only 6 years old
  • Isabel can tap dance, Salsa, belly dance and Freestyle dance, and she can both play the guitar and sing!
  • Isabel’s height is 5’6″ (1.68 m).
  • Isabel dated her Home and Away co-star Chris Hemsworth and had on/off relationship before breaking up in June 2006.
  • Isabel did ballet when she was six years old.
  • Isabel was the passenger in Shia LaBeouf’s car when he crashed in July 2008. The crash was heavily covered by the press, and it was reported that she escaped with just some bruises. Shia had to undergo surgery for a crushed hand. They were hit by someone running a read light.
  • Isabel has been horse back riding almost her entire life, and even used to compete in various styles! She also owns her own horse.
  • She studied Ayurveda in India at an ashram for a month in 2010.
  • No matter where she travels, Isabel always carries crystals with her!
  • Despite starting her career on the TV screens, Isabel doesn’t actually own a TV herself!
  • Did her “Vogue” cover shoot from 2011 in Botswana, which was then her 4th visit to Africa. “There is something about the energy of Africa. I feel like there is so much beauty here, it’s in the nature, the natural beauty and it opens people’s hearts and it brings a peace.”
  • When doing her “Vogue” Australia cover shoot, the journalist noted that Isabel seemed both the happiest and most comfortable when the cameras were gone, and she just got to explore the baobab tree and its massive branches. She later highlighted that that was her favorite part of the trip – “The life force in that tree, walking around it, its beauty, it was really special.”
  • Isabel used to live in Kakadu, which is in Jabiru. Kakadu is an Aboriginal community.
  • Isabel says she likes to hike in Griffith Park because of the “energy of the trees and air.”
  • Used to write a word she pulled out of a basket her roommate had on herself every day, “just as a reminder”.
  • Takes 5Rhythms dance classes every Tuesday she’s free! “I’ve done it in Switzerland, Australia, Los Angeles—it happens all over the world every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.”
  • She studied drama at the Victorian College of Arts, and the Queensland University of Technology.
  • Isabel’s birthstone is Garnet, and she was born in the Chinese year of Ox. Her birth sign is Aquarius.
  • Bought a treehouse close by the surf in Byron Bay to $857,500 in 2016
  • Once bought a horse with her siste Nina with “pocket money” they had saved up, working at a vegetarian Thai restaurant. Their dad set that initiative for them, to have a goal and work toward it. Her name is Tiki.

Fashion & Beauty

  • Isabel says her style is pretty eclectic of different time periods and styles, and describes it as “comfortable, creative and vintage”
  • She has sectoral heterochromia due to which she has as a brown spot in her right eye.
  • Going for a ‘zen facial’ with Fumi Yamamoto is one of her favorite things to do in Sydney
  • She ranked #84 in FHM Australia’s list of “100 Sexiest Women in the World” in 2011
  • Has worn outfits by designers such as Collette Dinnigan, Alice McCall, Michael Kors, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Bianca Spender, Josh Goot and Ali Ro
  • In 2005, Isabel was the in-store face of Diva’s terribly boho winter 2005 range.
  • Was the face of the 2016 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week


  • Held a workshop organised by Total Girl Magazine with her “Home & Away” co-star Bec Cartwright (now Bec Hewitt) and Idol performer Ricki-Lee in July 2005, where they gave a group of young girls tips on breaking into show business.
  • She learned some Russian for her movie “The Wedding Party”.
  • Isabel’s first scenes ever was with Sebastian Elmaloglou, who played Max in “Home & Away”.
  • Isabel’s first on-screen kiss was with Daniel Collopy, who played Josh West in “Home & Away”.
  • Received the Australian TV Week Logie Award For Best New Talent on April 18, 2004
  • Isabel is extremely passionate about her acting, and attended pro workshop acting classes at Screenwise Film & TV School for actors in Sydney Australia before taking her career to the States.
  • Isabel appeared in an American television commercial for Crest toothpaste in 2005.
  • Isabel is represented by Management Production Entertainment.
  • Isabel made her theatrical film debut in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as Alice in 2009.


  • Donated a painting she made at a fundraising auction at the Shellharbour Workers Club in 2005, where all earnings were donated to William Campbell College, a registered charity providing care for abused, neglected and homeless children. Her fellow Home and Away co-stars Tim Campbell (Dan) and Kate Ritchie (Sally) also contributed.
  • Isabel was together with her then boyfriend Adrien Grenier voted one of InStyle’s “Greenest Hollywood Couples”.
  • Encouraged the Cairns Regional Council to symbolically adopt a whale while she was in town for a brief family visit and to finalise her work-visa for Hollywood.
  • Participated in the Mount Kilimanjaro climb by “Summit on the Summit” in January, 2010.
  • Isabel is a sponsor for a 10-year-old girl from Zambia and her parents sponsor children from Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • Along with other protesters (including Heroes’ star Hayden Panettiere, she paddled out on surfboards to a pod of dolphins off the coast of Japan to protest the killing of dolphins in October, 2007
  • Isabel has worked as a spokesperson for the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation. She has also served as an ambassador for World Vision in 2004.