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Why Isabel Lucas is all about vintage finds and packing crystals when she travels

Why Isabel Lucas is all about vintage finds and packing crystals when she travels

  |   Written by GEORGINA SAFE

Isabel Lucas has starred in films such as Knight of Cups, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and most recently, Careful What You Wish For (her acting career began in Australia on Home And Away). She was born in Melbourne and splits her time between there and Los Angeles. She is also a vegetarian and a humanitarian activist. The face of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week speaks about the importance of ethical clothing, suitcase essentials and why fashion should be fun.

Broadsheet: How has your style evolved alongside your acting career? Do they influence one another?
Isabel Lucas: My style has definitely matured over the years. I guess that’s a natural progression as I grow older. When I was younger I was more inspired by gypsy, bohemian, lace and free-spirited designs. I still am drawn to this kind of flavour and feel, but it has become more practical and more comfort-based.

BS: How do you put outfits together?
IL: I think fashion should be fun and I have quite a carefree, maybe even nonchalant, attitude towards it. I dress for comfort and I don’t give it too much thought. I really enjoy combining the beautiful vintage op-shop pieces I find with a designer eco-shoe or a beautiful felt or textured hat. I guess my style is mix-and-match. You could call it eclectic.

BS: Humanitarian, animal and ethical causes are very important to you: how do they inform your approach to fashion?

IL: It’s very important to me to be wearing clothes that are ethical and sustainable in all facets of production. I am particularly drawn to brands that are eco-friendly, conscious about their carbon footprint and serious about recycling. I like learning about those brands that go the extra mile, and I also like finding pieces in markets and op shops; I think it’s a beautiful idea to pick up pieces that have been imbued with love and stories from their previous owner.

BS: How do you balance the pressure of being an ambassador for brands with your strong ethical values? Is there ever a conflict and how do you manage that?
IL: I am an ambassador for the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival in Melbourne, so before stepping into the shoes of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week ambassador I wanted to make sure I had HRAFF’s backing, so I did check with them first and they said I had their support.

I was also really pleased that Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has been so supportive of my convictions concerning ethical fashion. Nearly everything I’m wearing to the runway shows is sustainable, or the labels are taking some kind of conscious steps in that direction. I have definitely said no to things if they are not line with my convictions. I don’t have any judgement for anyone who is inclined in a different way or direction, that is fine, but for me, at this point of my life, I want to have integrity and stand for what I believe in.

BS: You travel a lot: what are your suitcase essentials?
IL: I always bring a pair of boots for warmth and a hat for the sun, especially when I am coming home to Australia. I’ve got a great, wide-brimmed felt hat that I can roll up … it’s practical and beautiful. I always bring at least two scarves, sometimes I use one to make a little altar in hotel rooms for all my crystals and diaries to create a space that feels home-like. I always bring my crystals: I’ve collected them since I was a little girl. Whatever we can do to make ourselves feel grounded or comfortable in a space is important. I also bring post cards and photos from home, and I often travel with my tarot cards.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week runs from August 26 until September 2.