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Isabel Lucas’ ‘women’s circle’ is the secret club we never knew we needed

Isabel Lucas' 'women's circle' is the secret club we never knew we needed

  |   Written by Jenna Clarke

Isabel Lucas may be softly spoken and resemble a real-life woodland fairy, but when it comes to business she’s more James Packer than pushover.

The former Home & Away star – who splits her time between Byron Bay and Hollywood – is the new face of Sante skincare. The range is an environmentally friendly make-up removing system by Enjo. Yes the cleaning mitt sensation your mum probably still has somewhere after being ambushed at the Avon-like parties in the ’90s.

Founder Barb de Corti was grilled like a salty haloumi by Lucas, a staunch environmental and social activist, after approaching her to represent the brand. Before she signed on the dotted line, the company had to provide information about packaging and sustainability to the actor.

Lucas, who gained international attention after starring in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is still keen on Hollywood but has lately been channelling her energy into worthy causes. She just appeared in an Australian-first television campaign calling on the end of dolphins in captivity, which is something she protested against with Heroes star Hayden Panettiere​ back in 2007. The duo risked arrest in Japan when they attempted to “honour the spirits of the over 25,000 dolphins” killed in a tiny fishing village.

So how does Lucas juggle the pressures of Hollywood and her clean-living ethos? With a concept she created with a close friend in Los Angeles called a “women’s circle”.

“For the last three years me and my best friend started a women’s circle, there’s like 60 people on our little invite group now but only about 12 to 16 that come at a time and we just meet at someone’s house – it’s all free – we just sit and go through some processes we do each time, we share our shadow and our gold,” she told an intrigued PS over a vegetarian lunch this week.

“Your shadow is your block, whatever is unconsciously blocking you, and your gold is whatever is filling you up and inspiring you. It’s just a nice way to drop in and because there are so many wonderful women who are all just doing there own little creative projects, not necessarily acting, we’ve got mothers, all ages, we just say this is a space to sort and share authentically and not have to be anything and have a very non-masculine, non goal-orientated space.”

The group, like a mindfulness class, meets at the Masonic Lodge and is strictly invite only, but Lucas hints there may be one coming down under soon.