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Isabel Lucas Follows Kate Winslet

Isabel Lucas Follows Kate Winslet

Former Home and Away actor Isabel Lucas hopes soon to be following in the footsteps of Kate Winslet, after meeting with the British superstar’s agent in London.

The Logie award-winner returned to Australia two weeks ago following a whirlwind self-promotion tour of London, where she spent her days auditioning and meeting high-profile agents.

“I auditioned for lots of different projects, all grass roots at the moment, so I can’t really speak about them, but I met with lots of agents, including Kate Winslet’s,” the 22-year-old Melbourne-born actor said.

Lucas was in Sydney for the launch the 2007 Movie Extra Film Ink Awards on Tuesday.

“She (Winslet) actually called when I was in the meeting. She was flying out to the Oscars the next day. It was all so surreal,” Lucas said.

Lucas finished her three-year stint as Tasha Andrews on long-running soap Home and Away last year and has now turned her focus to film.

Inspired by such movies as the romantic drama Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starring Jim Carrey and Winslet, as well as the 2001 drama Amelie, Lucas says she is determined to make it to the big screen.

The actor, plucked from obscurity by an agent while holidaying in Port Douglas, in northern Queensland in 2002, says television isn’t the medium she wishes to pursue in the near future.

“Film (is my focus), but I want to try all different mediums,” Lucas said.

“I have really had a lot of time to think about what I want and Home and Away was a wonderful learning experience, but it was a lot of pressure for a young person straight from school.

“Acting is what I love, so film and theatre is what I want to do now.”

Lucas is in the process of relocating from Sydney to Melbourne until mid-year when she plans to move to London.

“I think I would feel more comfortable there than I would in LA,” she said.

Known for dating her Home and Away co-star Chris Hemsworth in the past, Lucas declined to talk about her relationship status.

“I just would prefer to completely not talk about it … some things are better to be kept to yourself,” she said politely.

However, she did say she had met with Hemsworth since arriving back home.

“I saw Chris yesterday, we went and caught up,” she said.

“It was so great to see him. We will always be friends.”