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Fashion Report: White Mischief

Fashion Report: White Mischief

Fashion Reports, Interviews, 2005   |   Written by Glynis Traill-Nash

The long, languid days of summer call for layers of light whites that float softly against the skin. Actress Isabel Lucas shows how to keep cool by the jetty.

Lucas deems many of this season’s fashions “quite lolita” in style. Lucas found our selection of floaty whites “very light and pure. They were beautiful and I’d certainly wear them”.

It’s likely that Isabel Lucas’ wanderlust stems from her family’s peripatetic lifestyle. She has already lived in Melbourne, Switzerland, Kakadu and Cairns, and has been based in Sydney since her start on Home and Away in 2003. Travel winds through her conversation: “All I want to do when I finish the show is go backpacking around Vietnam, Nepal and Tibet,” says the 20-year-old actress. “It fascinates me.” Lucas finds a lot in life to interest her, and revels in learning new skills.

“I’ve been doing a few courses lately,” admits the yoga fan. “One about Reiki and Prahnic healing, and an acting course. It’s really important – especially being on a show like Home and Away where you can fall into patterns – to keep your creative juices flowing.” Her learning curve isn’t confined to classes. “My flatmate’s from Guatemala and speaks French and Spanish, so I’m gradually learning from her,” says Lucas, who already speaks Swiss-German, thanks to her mother. While Lucas hopes for a film career in the future, right now she’s happy to “go with the flow”, saying “I try not to plan too much. But I would like to go to America.” Is that Hollywood on her itinerary?

(Check out scans of Isabel’s spread in our gallery below!)