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Disney Girl: Isabel’s Style Secrets! *Unicorn Exclusive*

Disney Girl: Isabel's Style Secrets! *Unicorn Exclusive*

  |   Written by Transcribed by Unicorn

How does Isabel Lucas always looks so good? We find out…

How would you describe your personal clothing style?
I don’t really have a style. I wear what is comfortable, different bits and pieces. I guess it’s a more bohemian, alternative style.

What kind of shopper are you – a bargain hunter or do you like to splurge?
Honestly, I shop very rarely. When I really need something, I’ll go shopping or I will head to the markets – it’s a calmer atmosphere there.

What’s your favorite thing in your wardrobe?
A long skirt my aunty gave me from Rajasthan, it’s a beautiful lime-green and yellow.

What do you think the next trend will be?
I’m not a big trend follower, but they saw fashion repeats itself every 30 years… so maybe it’ll become more free flowing.

Your fashion probs solved by Isabel…

Emma, 11, from Perth, WA: I’d like to buy some cowboy boots, but I’m worried they will be out of fashion soon. Do you think they’re still cool?
Isabel: Hi Emma. Wear whatever you want, don’t worry about waht’s “cool”. Wear the clothes you like rather than what others think. Stand up for whatever makes your soul smile!

Rebecca, 13, from sydney, NSW: My friends always copy the way I dress, what can I do to stand out from them?
Isabel: Hi Rebecca. Have you considered that this could be a compliment? They like what you werar and your sense of style. For unique clothing and one-off pieces, head to the markets and hunt through local op-shops. Good luck!

Irene, 9, from Charters Towers, QLD: I’m a bit of a tomboy and my mum wants me to dress more girly. How can I make her happy and stil be comfortable?
Isabel: Hello Irene. Dressing girly doesn’t have to mean glitter tops and frilly skirts! Why don’t you add some cute accessories like a pair of earrings or some beads to your outfit? Try wearing T-shirts that have a cool pattern and design on them or dress up your jeans with a funky belt. Whatever you decide to do, remember to be comfortable with what you’re wearing and always be yourself!

Sam, 12, from St Kilda, Vic: My wardrobe is so out-of-date, but I can’t afford to buy new stuff. What can I do to ake some of my old stuff funky?
Isabel: Hey Sam. When old jeans get too short why don’t you cut the legs and fray them to make shorts. You could go short or 3/4 lenght. It’s recycling for your clothes. Also, try layering long-sleeved tops under singlets and T-shirts. It looks good and it’ll keep you warm!