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Burst Magazine Interview *Unicorn Exclusive*

Burst Magazine Interview *Unicorn Exclusive*

Since BURSTING into the Australian acting arena, what challenges have you faced in order to gain the respect of colleagues and the Home and Away audience?
“When I first started there was a lot of self-inflicted pressure to fit in with the rhythm of the show and the lifestyle. It was important to have time to process all these new impressions and at the end of the day I have learnt that you need to be true to yourself – it sounds a bit like a cliché but ultimately people respect honesty and openness.”

What is the best advice anyone’s ever given you?
“The great Gandhi quote: be the change you want to see in the world.”

What do you find is the toughest thing about your chosen profession?

“It can be challenging to sustain a character for an on-going period and stay in a certain headspace, for instance when your character constantly experiences very traumatic, negative emotions. I think it’s particularly challenging in this genre, because series are on-going, whereas within a film you know you have a certain period to be in that world.”

Biggest misconception about your profession?
That acting is fake, glamorous lifestyle full of superficial people. My experience of Home and Away has been one of being with grounded, earthy people who tell their stories, like a big family.

What’s your average daily schedule like?
“My schedule changes every day depending on storylines and locations. I might work a 14-hour or 5-hour day, it all depends on the particular shoot and whether I have additional photo shoots or publicity commitments.”

What advice would you give to others about making something outrageously ambitious become real?
“Inform yourself of what is required to succeed and give it your best, but be willing to accept whatever the final outcome might be. Above all – believe in yourself.”

What do you see for the future?
I would love to make a film one day. My favourite is the French film Amelie – it ‘woke’ something in me.

What do you love about your job?
There is nothing better than when I have nailed a difficult scene – the feeling of having gone to an unknown place with it. It’s freeing to explore and express different emotions.

What are your top three tips about success in any field?
Education and training, imagination and commitment, and believe in yourself and the people you’re working with.