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Adrian Defends the Paparazzi and His Relationship With Isabel

Adrian Defends the Paparazzi and His Relationship With Isabel

Adrian Grenier and his boys continued filming Entourage in Queens on Thursday, before heading to the cast party at Country Club in Greenwich Village that night. Vince is always the ladies man, but Adrian only had eyes for one woman — his grandmother, who visited him on set. Adrian’s love life is often the cause of speculation, especially since his split with Isabel Lucas, which he talked about along with his paparazzi documentary in an interview with Page Six Magazine. Here’s more:

On Isabel Lucas: “She and I have a very open communication. We’re friends with common interests. If you want to know the whole story, you’ve got to be my friend. It’s easy to put those labels on people, but they’re not accurate. We’re young in Hollywood having fun.”

On his upcoming film about the paparazzi: “They’re trying to earn a buck in a fun way . . . so they’re doing what they can to feed that demand and make money. Through my documentary, I’ve realized how insignificant all that is, because I know who I am. Take one part truth and 1,000 parts speculation and heresy, and you’ve got yourself a tabloid story.”

On Paris Hilton: “I have a lot of respect for Paris. She’s ballsy. She’s learned to play with the paparazzi attention and have fun with it, and she creates little mysteries in the tabloid arena. I have fun with her, but it’s always been platonic. [Our relationship] wasn’t sexual though I understand that sex sells.”

While we’re glad it seems like his period of mentoring Paris is over for now, it seems he learned a thing or two from the heiress along the way.