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5 Things to Know About Bohemian Bombshell Isabel Lucas

5 Things to Know About Bohemian Bombshell Isabel Lucas

  |   Written by Tiffany Faure

Right from the very start, Isabel Lucas’s acting career has been a modern-day fairy tale. The ethereal bohemian beauty was discovered back in 2002 while she was lazing under a mango tree at an organic market in the tropical Australian rainforest town of Cairns. Since then, the actress has become one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars, landing coveted roles in star-studded casts such as the goddess Athena in Immortals, a poison-tailed decepticon in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and most recently, a dangerously seductive mistress in the steamy upcoming mystery thriller, The Loft.

After spending the day with the actress and environmental campaigner on the set of our fashion feature “Afternoon Idyll” from InStyle’s September issue, we learned that there is truth to the old adage that you should never judge a book by it’s cover (however gorgeous that cover may be).

1) She owns a collection of magical crystals and gemstones.
“I collect crystals and gemstones and I’ve been collecting them since I was a little girl. They give me positive energy and strength. They make me feel connected to the earth. I cherish them.”

2: while most people hate ’em, Lucas loves bees.
“I can’t pick a favorite animal, I love so many! But I guess if I have to choose, I pick bees! There’s this brilliant documentary called Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?” the actress says. “I think it’s important for people to be educated bees—they pollinate almost all the food we eat. They are amazing!”

3: She grew up all over the world, including aboriginal land in her native Australia.
“I grew up partially in Switzerland but mostly in Australia. I lived in Kakadu for a short time—it’s an Aboriginal community. My best friend growing up was Aboriginal. She taught me so much.”

4: She works out her core – and her soul.
“Every Tuesday (when I can) I go to a dance class called . It’s an amazing, creative, therapeutic form of movement medicine. It’s really good for the soul,” Lucas says. “I’ve done it in Switzerland, Australia, Los Angeles—it happens all over the world every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.”

5: For personal style, this bohemian babe likes to mix things up.

“I have a lot of vintage so my style is pretty eclectic of different time periods and styles. I would describe it as comfortable, creative and vintage.”