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Through the years, Isabel has been rocking everything from long, blonde tresses to a beautiful honey colored pixie cut. In 2014 alone, she had a pixie cut, dark brown hair, brown hair with highlights, platinum blonde and honey-blonde! Here you can take a look at all her different hair styles – maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next big occasion? If you hover over the images, you’ll find the year of the style + which event the photo is taken at. To view more photos of the look, click the photo to open the respective gallery album in a new tab/window.

Want to get Isabel’s pretty hair? Well, she has shared in an interview that her number one beauty tip is to use Aloe Vera Gel in her hair! “This is a little quirky, but I use aloe vera gel on the roots of my hair, then pin it up for 15 minutes while it dries. It works to add [texture] to your hair, and it’s also good for your scalp and skin.” Further, she loves to add various accessories to her hair to make the style pop a little extra, such as jewelry, feathers or a nice scarf. Out of all the different accessories, feathers are her favorite – in an interview with Beauticate in 2017, she shared that “A few of my favourite things are these beautiful feathers that I wear in my hair“!

Other hair quotes by Isabel
– “I use Argan Oil in my hair… …and I also love Moroccan Oil and use Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hairspray.”
– “I have a colourist in Melbourne, Lauren, and one in Byron, Brianna.

Hair-o-Graphy: Blonde

When Isabel first entered the spotlight through her role as Tasha Andrews in “Home & Away“, she sported a natural blonde hair color with brown underneath. After a few years as a brunette (2006-2011), Izzy once again went back to her blonde tresses in April, 2011. She then rocket a more honey-colored blonde for a few months, before turning platinum blonde around August 2011. She then went back to being a brunette in 2012, before appearing as a blonde again at the Y-3 10th Anniversary Collection at the 2013 MBFW on September 9, 2012. Regardless of tone and style, we think Isabel looked stunning with all the different blonde variants – see for yourself in our hair-o-graphy of all her blonde event looks below!

Hair-o-Graphy: Brunette

Following her “Home & Away” exit in 2006, Isabel craved some privacy and time-out from the spotlight. She therefore colored her hair brown to avoid being recognised as easily in the home country, and stayed under the rader for a few months. She first showcased her gorgeous new hair color at the November 14, 2006, premiere of “Catch a Fire” in Australia. She kept the brown locks for a few years, and did her first two feature films “Daybreakers” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” as a brunette before returning to a blonde color in 2011. Since then she has returned to her brown tresses every now and then.

Hair-o-Graphy: Pixie/short hair

Years of hair dyes and bleaching took a toll on Isabel’s hair, and towards the end of 2013 she surprised with a brand new pixie cut at the 13th Annual InStyle summer Soiree in 2013. She kept the short hair throughout 2014, and filmed “The Osiris Child” in 2015 before she let her hair fully grow back out again. In 2013 she walked the red carpets with her stunning new pixie cut, before switching over to braids on the sides in 2014 when her hair had started to grow out – this became her signature look for the year. Izzy also regularly styled her new tresses with accessories or head wear, and switched up the tone of her hair regularly throughout 2013-2015.