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Isabel Lucas says her busy acting schedule prevents her from watching television even though she’s a working actress

Isabel Lucas says her busy acting schedule prevents her from watching television even though she's a working actress

She’s starred in a string of popular soaps and Hollywood blockbusters. But Australian actress Isabel Lucas has revealed on the Kyle and Jackie ‘O’ show that she doesn’t own a TV.

‘I don’t have a TV so I don’t watch a lot of shows even though I know there is a lot of great television being made,’ the 31-year-old told the stunned presenters during a telephone interview on Friday morning.

She added that she didn’t have as much time as she planned to sit down and watch television shows due to her busy acting schedule.

However, the former Home And Away star did try to make time to watch the newest movies.

‘I definitely go to the cinema more,’ she told breakfast radio show hosts.

Isabel made her claim to fame playing the character of Tasha Andrews in long-running Australian soap Home And Away from 2003 to 2006, and won a Silver Logie Award for New Popular Talent.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, she’s starred in a number of big budget movies including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Red Dawn, which co-starred her ex-boyfriend Chris Hemsworth.

She has also been shooting the new TV series, Emerald City, and was announced as ambassador for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Speaking of her ambassador role, she told the KIIS FM radio personalities: ‘It’s awesome I love Melbourne.

‘I was born there. It’s such a creative hub and I love spring fashion week.’

Months earlier, the bubbly brunette called for legislation in Australia to be changed to ban dolphin captivity.

Appealing to her 47,400 Instagram followers, the soap star asked them to help support a campaign by Australia For Dolphins to stop the imprisonment of the wild creatures in zoos and aquariums.

‘As some of you may know, I care deeply about dolphins,’ the Australian actress wrote alongside a picture of herself looking out into an open field.

‘In 2007 I went to Taiji, Japan, to witness the cruel dolphins hunts and slaughters there, but the thing is, dolphins are also being treated cruelly back home.

‘They are being bred in tiny, chlorinated tanks and made to perform. They never get to know the ocean, many suffer anxiety and mostly they die young.

‘That is why I’m behind @australiafordolphins efforts to introduce a law to end dolphin captivity.’

The Daybreakers star said she was also lobbying to establish a world-first sea pen in Australia ‘so that captive dolphins can live out the rest of their lives in peace.’

In 2007, Isabel joined activist group Surfers for Cetaceans to protest against the annual dolphin hunt in the Japanese town of Taiji.

She along with Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere and activists from Australia and the U.S. paddled out on surfboards in an attempt to prevent a pod of dolphins being driven into a cove and slaughtered.

After her daring protest, the Melbourne native became a wanted woman after Japanese police issued an arrest warrant.