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Honey on tap directly from your beehive. Passionate about beekeeping, bees and native pollinators, innovation and education.

I do feel I am in a unique position where I can use my public status to draw attention to things that matter to me and hopefully a lot of other people as well. I don’t want to push my ideas on other people. Everyone should think for themselves.

Isabel Lucas, 2007

During her spell on the Australian soap “Home & Away”, Isabel would occasionally show up in promotional ads for charity organisations and campaigns, such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and she and some of her co-stars visited hospitals with Clown Doctors Australia, an initiative of The Humour Foundation (we’ve only found one photo of this, and not much information – please get in touch with us if you have any details!). She also went swimming with whales in 2005 with the Whaleman Foundation, where she learned more about their work and eventually started working with them closely in their work to stop whaling.

Following her exit from “Home & Away” in 2006, Isabel felt an urge to travel overseas and participate in projects that made her feel like she made a good impact on the world – “I wanted time to explore and experience something foreign whilst doing something proactive“. Following some work for organisations such as OzQuest and WWF, she eventually became a big part of the Save the Whales Again movement, and her work for the cause included a trip to Taiji, Japan, as well as several protests in her home country, Australia. Her for work the whales have been showcased in several documentaries, such as the Academy Award winning film “The Cove” and the documentary “Minds in the Water“.

When she began making waves in Hollywood around 2009, Isabel continued to do work for causes close to her heart – and hoped her new, international fame could help her reach out to more people. In 2010 she was a part of Summit on the Summit, where she climbed the mountain Kilimanjaro alongside many famous faces in a highly publicized project to raise water shortage awareness. The climb was documented and aired on MTV, showing how Isabel fought both illness and extreme weather to reach the top.

On this page you can learn about many of the different campaigns Isabel has been a part of, as well as find a large collection of photos, videos, press articles and graphics towards the bottom of the page. If you have any knowledge on any charitable work Isabel has done that is not covered on this page, we would be grateful if you’d contact us!

Read more about specific causes

To keep our pages organized, we have categorized the work Isabel has done into the following sub pages. Each page will contain information on the different organizations and causes Isabel has worked for, as well as details about her involvement and how you can help support the cause yourself.

    Ocean Conservation
    Animal Rights
    Human Causes
    Environment Conservation
    Education Related Work

In addition to all the amazing work covered in the pages above, Isabel has even taken breaks from acting/other work to be a part of really big projects. Some of these have been so big that they deserve a dedicated page to themselves! Below you can read about her trip to Taiji, Japan + all her other projects for the “Save the Whales Again” campaign, and her Kilimanjaro climb with “Summit on the Summit!.

    The Whaleman Foundation & Save The Whales Again’s work to raise “whaling” awareness
    Summit on the Summit 2010: Mount Kilimanjaro Climb to raise water shortage awareness

Videos, Press & Media

With charity work being so special to Isabel, one of our goals is to put plenty of focus on her activism here at Unicorn. To achieve this, we have a put together an extensive collection of media dedicated to her causes, including videos, photos, graphics, press articles and much more! To make it as easy for you as possible to find everything we have in our archives within this category of Isabel’s work, we’ve provided a list of (almost) everything below – and make sure to keep checking back, as the categories will be updated regularly!

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Action for Dolphins


Protect our Coral Sea

Summit on the Summit

The Whaleman Foundation


Education Related

Environmental Protests

World Vision

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Press related to Isabel’s Activism
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Videos related to Isabel’s Activism

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